14-15 May 2018 BLLAST working meeting Mallorca

The objective of the workshop is to interact around our ongoing studies, work together on specific issues and analyses, and discuss different coming related projects.

A panoramic view of the city of Palma


Social diner on Monday night

Detailed programme


List of participants


The meeting will be held at Sa Riera, the building of the University of Balearic Islands located in the heart of the city of Palma.

Room 24, at second floor.


C/ de Miquel dels Sants Oliver, 2

07122 Palma

More details at http://www.uib.eu/A-hospitable-university/Location/Sa-Riera/

Location: http://www.uib.cat/lauib/localitzacio/Sa_Riera/Situacio/


Sa Riera building (inside)Sa Riera building (Portugal Av.)

Local organizers and contacts

Maria Antonia Jimenez Cortes, Daniel Martínez Villagrasa and Joan Cuxart
email: mantonia.jimenez@uib.cat / dani.martinez@uib.cat / joan.cuxart@uib.cat
Phone: +34-971-17-9937 / +34-971-17-2506


Palma also offers a wide range of additional accommodation options, which can be booked through the usual booking websites
Here are some suggestions:

Hotel Palladium **** (Very close to the venue and in the city centre): www.hotelpalladium.com

Hotel Amic Colón *** (15 min walking distance, cheaper option): www.hotelcolonpalma.com

Hotel Abelux ** (15 min walking distance, cheaper option): www.hotelabelux.es


The international airport of Son Sant Joan, 8 km from the city of Palma is the main gateway to the island of Mallorca. You can also arrive across the sea daily from Barcelona and Valencia cities.

There is a regular bus (line 1) that connects Palma to the airport. The trip lasts 20 minutes and you can only pay cash (5 eur, driver does not accept notes bigger than 10 eur). You can stop at 'Alemanya, 6' or 'Passeig Mallorca, 38' and walk 2 minutes to Sa Riera building.

Visit http://www.emtpalma.cat/en/route/-/L/1/aeroport-ciutat-port to know in detail the bus line 1. This website also provides information about all the bus lines from the City Transport Company.

Taxis are also available at the airport for approximately 20 eur to Palma.


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---- Monday, 14th May 2018 Morning ----

Andrew Seidl (University of Bergen): Investigating the effects of External Forcings with the CLASS model
Erik Nilsson (University of Uppsala): Convective eddy motions in rapid transitions to near-surface stable stratification: a large-eddy simulation study
Omar El Guernaoui (University of Bergen): Revisiting the scaling for the afternoon/evening transition of the convective boundary layer
Line Baserud (University of Bergen): Flux retrieval from SUMO profiles
Marie Lothon (University of Toulouse): A statistical analysis of BLLAST airplane turbulence measurements during the transition

---- Monday, 14th May 2018 Afternoon ----

Oscar Hartogensis (University of Wageningen): ScinDi: Disaggregation of Scintillometer Fluxes
Vicente Garcia-Santos (University of Valencia): SUBPIXEL campaign: Heterogeneity effects of land surface temperature from coarse (1000m) to finer (2 m) spatial resolutions
Gemma Simo (University of Illes Balears): Observed atmospheric and surface variability on heterogeneous terrain at the hectometre scale
Fabienne Lohou (University of Toulouse) : MOSAI : A proposed project on surface/atmosphere process representativity and representation, based on long term network observations and dedicated field experiments
Joan Cuxart (University of Illes Balears): Evapotranspiration in semi-arid region
Belen Martí (University of Illes Balears): The BOU tethered balloon: a low-cost profiling system for monitoring the lower ABL over complex terrain

---- Tuesday, 15th May 2018 Morning ----

Maria Antonia Jimenez (University of Illes Balears): The influence of the Aure valley in the evolution of the ABL in Lannemezan
Jesus Yus Díez, Mireia Udina, Maria Rosa Soler (University of Barcelona): Turbulence regimes classification during BLLAST
Josep Ramon Miró (University of Illes Balears): Cerdanya-2017: presentation and preliminary results
Carlos Roman Cascón (University Complutense de Madrid, Univ. of Toulouse) : Some preliminary results on analysis of anabatic and catabatic winds, and impact on CO2
Melodie Hulin, François Gheusi, Marie Lothon (University of Toulouse): Detection of plain-mountain circulation from long series of data
Daniel Martinez (University of Illes Balears): The Cerdanya Cold Pool Experiment 2015 (CCP15): a study on the valley wind system and cold air pooling within the largest Pyrenean valley


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