Workshop 8-9 February 2016 : Wageningen, The Netherlands

The objective of the workshop is to interact around our ongoing studies, work together on specific issues and analyses, and discuss new prospectives.

During the 1st day of the workshop (Monday 8th February), we propose to create two groups around two themes in which specific questions are proposed based on the discussion from previous workshops. Each session will start with an overview of the current progress on the subject by the coordinator followed by short presentations by the workshop attendants related to the themes specific questions. The second day (Tuesday 9th February) will be devoted to complementary talks linked with those two main issues and other talks related to BLLAST. In the afternoon, we will have a general and closing discussion.

Download a report of the discussions held during the workshop here
Wageningen market place (left) and at 200m distance the river foreland of the Rhine (right)


Social diner on Monday night

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List of participants

Campus Wageningen University


The workshop and the meeting will be held at the campus of Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

It will take place in the Lumen building, room "Lumen 1".

Lumen building at Wageningen University


Lumen (building 100)

Droevendaalsesteeg 3

6708 PB Wageningen

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Local organizer and contact

Oscar Hartogensis and Jordi Vilà-Guerau de Arellano

Phone: +31-317-482109


Main Hotels:
Hof van Wageningen (close to city centre ad close to bus station)
Hotel de Wageningsche Berg (beautiful view over te river Rhine but more difficult to make it to the university)

Other alternatives:
Short Stay Wageningen/
Bed And Breakfast

Meteorological Station de Veenkampen


Schiphol Amsterdam is the main airport of the Netherlands but there are some smaller airports (e.g. Rotterdam and Eindhoven) as well which are serviced by several European price-fighters (Transavia, Ryanair, Easy-Jet, etc). From any of these airports you need to take the train to Ede-Wageningen, which is located in Ede. From there you need to take a bus (blue buses line 84 or 88) or taxi to Wageningen. A good web-site to plan your travel with public transport is From the centre of Wageningen it is a 30-45min walk to the campus or 10-15min by bike. You can also take the bus, again line 84 or 88 in the direction of Ede, bus stop "Droevendaalsesteeg".


University of Wageningen
Research National French Agency (ANR)


---- Monday ----

Marie Lothon: Introduction
David Pino: Inter-comparison exercise using meso-scale models (WRF, MESO-NH, AROME) integrating surface processes, boundary-layer dynamics and meso-scale forcings
Wayne Angevine (David Pino): "Land surface spinup for episodic modeling"
Oscar Hartogensis: (task 4 intercomparison group) "Mesoscale models confronted with true landuse- and flux maps"
Anneke van de Boer (Arnold Moene): "Detection of Entrainment Influences on Surface-Layer Measurements during BLLAST"
Fabien Gibert: "Synthesis of afternoon transition turbulence decay revisited by Doppler Lidar"
Erik Nilsson: "Upon scaling of near-surface TKE in the afternoon transition"
Clara Darbieu (Marie Lothon): "Evolution of turbulence structure during the afternoon transition"
Estel Blay (David Pino): "Countergradient heat flux and Lifted temperature minimum near the surface"
Jochen Reuder: "effect of surface heterogeneity as seen by SUMO"
Antonia Englberger (Marie Lothon): "case study of 1 July, diurnal cycle and impact of roughness heterogeneity"
Mariano Sastre: "WRF evaluation on atmospheric boundary-layer transitions and diurnal cycles"
Eric Bazile: "Mesoscale advection from AROME: computations and some analysis"
Henk Pietersen (Jordi Vila G. de A.): mesoscale forcings in case of 25 June
Maria Antonia Jimenez Cortes: "The influence of the Aure valley on the boundary-layer features observed during the BLLAST experimental field campaign"
Marie Lothon: task 3 of intercomparison - "Observed and modeled spatial variability during 25 June"

---- Tuesday ----

Astrid Lampert: Turbulence and low-level jet: a case study for 2 July 2011
Line Båserud: "Heat fluxes estimated from temperature and humidity profiles from the RPAS SUMO during the BLLAST campaign"
Joachim Reuder: "Proof of concept of turbulence measurements with SUMO"
Lucie Rottner: A new downscaling method for sub-grid turbulence modeling
Chiel van Heerwaarden: Growth and decay of a convective boundary layer over a surface with a constant temperature
Ivo van Hooijdonk: Early Warning Signals for Regime Transition in the Stable Boundary Layer
Bas van de Wiel: A lumped parameter view on nocturnal boundary layer dynamics
Fred Bosveld: The CESAR observational program, new developments
Carlos Roman (Gert-Jan Steeneveld) : Forecasting radiation fog at climatologically contrasting sites: evaluation of statistical methods and WRF (Carlos Roman’s work)
Nathalie Theeuwes (Gert-Jan Steeneveld): Urban Boundary Layers
Gert-Jan Duine: "Down-valley winds in stable stratification - results of the KASCADE field experiment"


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