Workshop 2-3 February 2015 : Barcelona, Spain

The objective of the workshop is to interact around our ongoing studies, work together on specific issues and analyses, and discuss new prospectives.

Monday 2 February morning: Presentation of the ongoing works
Tuesday 3 : Continuation of presentations and discussions
Tuesday afternoon : Working groups / discussions on collective planned works, and on BLLAST prospectives

A more detailed programm will be given prior to the meeting

Program and Report

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Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya
(Photo: David Pino)
The workshop and the meeting will be held at the Campus Nord
of the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya.BarcelonaTech.
It will take place in the Telensenyament room (Building B3-Ricardo Valle - First floor).
Jordi Girona st., 1-3
Campus Nord
08034 Barcelona
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Local organizer and contact

David Pino
Applied Physics Department (UPC) and Institute for Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC)
Phone: +34-934134142
Fax: +34-934137007


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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.BarcelonaTech
Research National French Agency (ANR)


Lothon: A brief overview of BLLAST studies

Jimenez: Downslope winds analysis based on a Meso-NH simulation

Hartogensis: The area-averaged flux task. Some results on the IOP's chosen for the model intercomparison (25/6 and 1/7)

Nilsson: Turbulent Kinetic Energy budget in the surface layer

Canut: Observation of turbulent kinetic energy based on BLLAST observations and a field campaign in Bourges, France.

Couvreux: Representation of the afternoon transition in Numerical Weather Prediction models: evaluation with BLLAST data

Darbieu: Evolution of the vertical structure of turbulence during the late afternoon transition

Pino: Minimum lifted temperature

Kempf: Simulation of the diurnal cycle with the BLLAST dataset and the LES model EULAG

El Guernaoui (Reuder): A new LES model for BLLAST. Understanding the influence of surface heterogeneity on the TKE decay during the late afternoon transition

Sastre Marugan: A comparison between atmospheric boundary layer evening transitions at two experimental sites

Roman Cascon: A wave event on 2 July

Jensen: Counter-gradient flux during MATTERHORN and BLLAST

Martinez: Some methodological developments for estimating surface flux

Martinez: Analysis of the MOST during BLLAST

Cuxart: Small scale surface temperature heterogeneities: effect on the Surface Energy budget

Tupman: Boundary layer measurements with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

David Tupman: Morning transition

Reuder: Status on the SUMO turbulence measurements, and instrumentation at GFI.

Al Sam: Current research and plans based on BLLAST dataset

Lohou & Lothon: Discussion

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