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Contact informations
Organisation name Univ.Bergen
Individual name Reuder Joachim
Responsible party role Principal investigator
Resource title SUMO
Resource abstract The Small Unmanned Meteorological Observer (SUMO) is a small remotely piloted airplane used for meteorological research purpose. During BLLAST, it made several hundred flights from two instrumented sites: site 1 (600 m elevation) and site 2 (660 m elevation). Flights include profiles and low altitude horizontal surveys, with measurement of basic meteorological variables.
Geographic location
Plateform type UAVs
Plateform name Small Unmaned Meteorological Observer
North bound latitude 4308'00.46''
East bound longitude 022'33.63''
South bound latitude 4304'37.10''
West bound longitude 020'39.83''
Sensor 1
Instrument type
Spatial resolution 20 m
Observation frequency 0.25 to 1 Hz
Measured parameters
Measured parameter 1
Parameter name
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Altitude
Unit metre
Measured parameter 2
Parameter name
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Pressure
Unit hecto Pascal
Measured parameter 3
Parameter name
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Temperature
Unit Degree Celsius
Measured parameter 4
Parameter name
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Water Vapor>Humidity>
Unit percent
Measured parameter 5
Parameter name
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Winds>Boundary Layer Winds>
Unit metre per second
Temporal reference
Starting date 2011-06-14
Ending date 2011-07-08
Date of publication 2017-04-11
Quality and validity
Process history and quality information
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