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VHF Site 1

Contact informations
Organisation name Laboratoire d'Aérologie
Individual name Saïd Frédérique
Responsible party role Principal investigator
Resource title VHF Site 1
Resource abstract to be completed
Geographic location
Plateform type Remote Sensing > Wind profilers
Plateform name VHF
North bound latitude 43°07'44,3" N
East bound longitude 00°21'56,34" E
South bound latitude
West bound longitude
Site Super-Site 1
Sensor 1
Instrument type WIND PROFILERS
Model 45 MHz / antenne co-co
Spatial resolution 375 meters
Observation frequency 15 minutes
Measured parameters
Measured parameter 1
Parameter name
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Winds>Upper Level Winds>
Unit metre per second
Temporal reference
Starting date
Ending date
Date of publication
Quality and validity
Process history and quality information
Conditions applying to access and use Please add in the publications acknowledgments: The UHF radar has been supported by CNRS, University of Toulouse and FEDER program (Contract #34172 - Development of the instrumentation of Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées - PIRENEA - ESPOIR).
limitations on public access BLLAST registered members only.
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