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UHF Site 1

Contact informations
Organisation name Laboratoire d'Aérologie
Individual name Saïd Frédérique
Responsible party role Principal investigator
Resource title UHF Site 1
Resource abstract To be completed
Geographic location
Plateform type Remote Sensing > Wind profilers
Plateform name UHF CRA
North bound latitude 43°07'43.0" N
East bound longitude 00°21'59.9" E
South bound latitude
West bound longitude
Site Super-Site 1
Sensor 1
Instrument type WIND PROFILERS
Manufacturer Degreane Horizon
Model PCL1300
Spatial resolution 75 meters
Observation frequency 5 minutes
Measured parameters
Measured parameter 1
Parameter name
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Winds>Boundary Layer Winds>
Unit metre per second
Measured parameter 2
Parameter name
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Winds>Turbulence>
Unit m2.s-3
Temporal reference
Starting date 2011-06-14
Ending date 2011-07-05
Date of publication
Quality and validity
Process history and quality information
Conditions applying to access and use Please add in the publications acknowledgments: The UHF radar has been supported by CNRS, University of Toulouse and FEDER program (Contract #34172 - Development of the instrumentation of Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées - PIRENEA - ESPOIR).
limitations on public access BLLAST registered members only.
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