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Doppler Lidar

Contact informations
Organisation name LMD, Ecole Polytechnique
Individual name Gibert Fabien
Responsible party role Point of contact
Resource title Doppler Lidar
Resource abstract The Doppler Lidar data are the Carrier to Noise Ratio (CNR) in dB which is a proxy for the lidar reflectivity at 1.5 Ám (10*Log10((P_signal-P_noise)/P_noise)) and the vertical component of the wind speed (w) in m/s. Time is UTC time. z is the altitude in km.
Geographic location
Plateform type Remote Sensing > Lidars
Plateform name Doppler Lidar
North bound latitude
East bound longitude
South bound latitude
West bound longitude
Site Super-Site 1
Sensor 1
Instrument type LIDAR > Light Detection and Ranging
Manufacturer LEOSPHERE
Model WindCube200
Spatial resolution 50 m
Observation frequency 3.9 s
Measured parameters
Measured parameter 1
Parameter name Carrier to Noise Ratio (CNR)
Parameter keyword Spectral/Engineering>Lidar
Unit decibel
Measured parameter 2
Parameter name
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Winds>Vertical Wind Motion>
Unit metre per second
Temporal reference
Starting date 2011-06-15
Ending date 2011-07-05
Date of publication 2013-10-10
Quality and validity
Process history and quality information Many cuts can be seen in the data set which are due to a non sufficient regulation of the heat load of the lidar during the experiment. Good quality data are usually below 700 m. At a height of 700 m and 1000 m, the velocity estimates are slightly biased due to parasitic signals. The data user may ask Leosphere for further questions concerning instrument characteristics and signal processing.
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