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Full Sky Camera

Contact informations
Organisation name Laboratoire d'Aérologie
Individual name Marie Lothon
Responsible party role Point of contact
DOI 10.6096/BLLAST.FullSkyCamera
Resource title Full Sky Camera
Resource abstract This full sky camera system called RAPACE (Récepteur Automatique Pour l'Acquisition du Ciel Entier) is composed of a digital camera and 2-pi-Sr fish-eye. During BLLAST, full sky images were taken every minute from Super-Site 1.
Geographic location
Plateform type Pictures Of The Field > Sky
Plateform name RAPACE - full sky camera
North bound latitude 43°07'42.5''
East bound longitude 00°21'58.6''
South bound latitude 43°07'42.5''
West bound longitude 00°21'58.6''
Site Super-Site 1
Sensor 1
Instrument type CAMERAS
Spatial resolution
Observation frequency 1 min
Measured parameters
Measured parameter 1
Parameter name
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Clouds
Temporal reference
Starting date 2011-06-14
Ending date 2011-07-08
Date of publication
Quality and validity
Process history and quality information
Conditions applying to access and use Conditions are those described in the BLLAST data policy. However, this system is part of the permanent instrumental devices of the Centre de Recherches Atmosphériques, and takes regular 1-hour-interval full sky images since 2007. Please contact the PI for more information and for the use of the data.
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