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Tethered balloon at site 2

Contact informations
Organisation name Laboratoire d'Aérologie
Individual name Clara Darbieu
Responsible party role Principal investigator
Resource title Tethered balloon at site 2
Resource abstract There were two tethered balloons at site 2 : On corn site (University of Utah) On moor site (Laboratoire d'Aérologie) Measurements of temperature, pressure, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction were done by several probes at different altitudes (with logarithmic spacing) above moor (LA) and corn (Utah) sites. The balloons made simultaneous profiles on IOP days. Profiling strategies were different from one IOP to the other.
Geographic location
Plateform type Balloons > Tethered balloons
Plateform name Tethered balloon, site 2
North bound latitude 43.09716
East bound longitude 0.366397
South bound latitude +43.084123
West bound longitude 0.351892
Site Super-Site 2
Sensor 1
Instrument type TETHERSONDES
Manufacturer VAISALA
Model Vaisala TTS111
Calibration There is no calibration but 3 intercomparison experiments were performed and used of the correction of the data (temperature, humidity, wind). The process is fully detailed in a document available in the data directory.
Spatial resolution vertical, about 1m
Observation frequency 1s s
Measured parameters
Measured parameter 1
Parameter name TEMP_1
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Temperature>Temperature Profiles>
Unit Degree Celsius
Measured parameter 2
Parameter name PRESS_1
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Pressure>Atmospheric Pressure Measurements>
Unit hecto Pascal
Measured parameter 3
Parameter name RH_1
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Water Vapor>Humidity>
Unit percent
Measured parameter 4
Parameter name WSPD_1
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Winds>Wind Profiles>
Unit metre per second
Measured parameter 5
Parameter name WDIR_1
Parameter keyword Atmosphere>Atmospheric Winds>Wind Direction>
Unit Degree
Temporal reference
Starting date 2011-06-14
Ending date 2011-07-08
Date of publication 2012-02-27
Quality and validity
Process history and quality information The data available in the data base have been corrected (altitude, temperature, humidity, wind). The process is fully detailed in a document available in the data directory.
Conditions applying to access and use Conditions are those described in the data policy.
limitations on public access
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