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Surface flux time series

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Organisation name Wageningen University
Individual name Oscar Hartogensis
Responsible party role Principal investigator
Resource title Surface flux time series
Resource abstract Time series of the surface latent and sensible flux from all BLLAST ground stations installed on various surfaces, used for the computation of the area-averaged flux. Those time series correspond to the flux computed with a common process by H. Pietersen and O. De Coster (WUR/MAQ), with the EC-PACK flux-computation algorithm. Files included are: matlab files of the time series, QL png files of the time series of surface fluxes at all surfaces, for all days (one QL per day and per kind of flux - H or LE), QL png files of the retrieved flux at the pixel of the 60 m tower (one QL per day and per kind of flux).
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Plateform type Area-averaged surface flux maps
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