Part VI - Database

SEDOO - SErvice de DOnnées OMP, Toulouse - is in charge of developing the BLLAST website and the data archive and distribution system. All the tools described here need to be supplied by BLLAST participants (documents, metadata information, datasets...)

Web Site

The BLLAST website - - aims at gathering together all the documents and information useful to describe and manage the project. Scientific plans, newsletter and workshops documents are made available as soon as possible and the download procedure is unrestricted.

The BLLAST website includes the Bllast Operational Center (BOC) pages. This quick look and reports archive associated with display PhP scripts is set up to meet the operational needs for the airborne and ground-based observation teams during the 2011 field campaign. In particular, BOC pages provide maps and indexes issued from weather forecasts to help to plan aircraft operations and from nowcasts to guide the aircrafts missions in real time. After the campaign, BOC pages will provide a testimonial view on the campaign and an investigation tool through the different situations.

The displayed products are operational observations (radiosonde profiles, satellite images …), numerical weather products issued from different global or regional forecasts models, and research forecasts or diagnostics designed to meet the field campaign purposes. BLLAST observations either ground based or airborne, together with field or flight reports are displayed. Briefings and bulletins will also be posted on the BOC archive. Displayed quick looks are automatically fetched from operational centres or provided by individual scientists using a ftp deposit system.

During the field campaign, the BOC website - - will be operational and several persons will be involved to maintain it on a best effort basis. A backup of the website has been set up by SEDOO and Laboratoire d'Aérologie teams and will be hosted by the Centre de Recherche Atmosphérique (CRA) in Lannemezan during the campaign. The CRA server holds the same functionalities than the SEDOO one and could be used as BOC website main host in case the SEDOO server fails.


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