Part V - Coordination


As explained before, there will be continuous observations and intensive observations (IOPs).
The latter depend on the weather, and are triggered during the morning briefings depending on the forecast.
During the campaign, coordinators of the IOP will be designated for the aircraft, UAS, radiosoundings, and tethered balloons operations for each period of successive IOP days. Those, with the help pf the secretary, will work together for the coordination of the operations and the communication.
People involved in the IOP coordination are:

General coordination  M. Lothon, P. Durand, F. Lohou, E. Pardyjak, F. Couvreux, J. Reuder
Scientific secretary F. Couvreux, D. Pino, C. Darbieu, F. Guichard
Aircraft operation P. Durand, D. Pino, J. Vila Guerau de Arellano
Tethered Balloons E. Pardyjak, F. Lohou, M. Lothon
Radiosoundings D. Legain, F. Couvreux, F. Lohou, M. Lothon
UAS J. Reuder , A. van Kroonenberg, S. Martin
Forecast J. Cuxart, M. Jonassen, F. Guichard, F. Couvreux, A. Moene, G. J. Steeneveld

The scientific secretary has a key role: (1) collecting the info from the PIs about the functioning of the instruments, and about the operations made during the day, (2) reporting the info, (3) taking notes during the briefing about the forecast, the decision and plans made, etc...
All those people will turn approximately every week according to a planning set in advance. The following planning is not the definite planning, as it will probably be adjusted according to the IOPs dates, the meteorological conditions, the needs in operations of instruments, etc...

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