Part V - Coordination

Communication during the IOP

For IOP operations, the following diagram explains how the communication is transmitted among the aircraft, UAS and balloon operating groups:

Each group airplane/UAS/tethered-balloons/Radiosounding-balloons have their own (non aviation) frequency to work internally.
Communication on the civil aviation 123.45 MHz frequency:
The 123.45 MHz is a civil aviation frequency used by airplanes to communicate together. The 2 BLLAST airplanes will use it to communicate together, but also other external airplanes and gliders flying around.
This frequency will be used by:

UAS and balloon coordinators do not need to inform the 123.45 MHz frequency about their operations (launches/landings, soundings up and down...).
This frequency should be used only for the emergency situations described above, but be let free the rest of the time, for the airplanes flying in the area.
It needs to be listened to carefully during the entire duration of the respective operations.
A white board in the hall will display on a daily basis: the local forecast from the Tarbes Meteorological Center, the designated coordinators of the current IOP, some of the experimental maps (flying areas), important phone numbers for emergency, the list of participants and their phone number, and some information on coming meetings or events.
In the back of this board, people will register for lunch booking.

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