Part II - Continuous Observations

Surface Layer


Scintillometers allow us to measure heat fluxes along a path which separates the emitter from the receiving telescope. The fluxes result from eddies which are crossing the path along a given time window. Thus, it is an integrated measurement of surface fluxes.
Three scintillometers will be settled during BLLAST:

  1. On the "edge site" at site 1, a mini-scintillometer from MAQ (University of Wageningen), installed from one field to the other, with a 40 m path across the edge.
  2. Another 3 km path scintillometer from MAQ was installed between the top of the church of Campistrous and the roof of site 1 main building.
  3. A large aperture scintillometer will be installed by Météo-France GAME/GMEI, between the cheminée of the KNOF industry company and the roof of site 1 main building, 4 km apart one from the other.

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